4G speed in India 3 times lower than world average

According to a new report by OpenSignal, India’s surge in 4G availability ranking can be attributed to Reliance Jio launch in 2016. A study by OpenSignal ‘The State of LTE’ gives us a glimpse into how LTE availability and speeds have grown across the world. Meanwhile, some interesting stats have come up as far as India is concerned. The country has risen to the 15th spot in 4G availability in the world, but the average download speed of 5.1 Mbps is less than one-third of the global average and just a little higher than the average global 3G speed of 4.4 Mbps.

Download speeds in the country have declined over one megabit per second in the last six months as traffic has surged. India, which is positioned at the 74th position among 75 countries, ranks below countries such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The report said, “While signals may be plentiful in India, capacity isn’t. India has some of the slowest LTE speeds in the world.”

When it comes to 4G speeds, Singapore scored the highest. Meanwhile, South Korea was ranked first in 4G availability. The global average 4G download speed was 16.2 Mbps. OpenSignal, for the report, collated data from regular user smartphones under conditions of normal usage, covering 75 countries. OpenSignal’s report says 4G speeds in a country depend on a lot of factors including spectrum assigned for 4G LTE, adoption of new technologies like LTE-Advanced, congestion on networks. The report says countries with fastest LTE speeds are those that have “built LTE-Advanced networks and have a large proportion of LTE-Advanced capable devices.”

OpenSignal also says they saw a drop in global LTE speed average and points out that as more users come on board in developing countries, the average speed will drop. On Costa Rica and India, OpenSignal notes, “as these countries ramp up their 4G services they’re bringing hundreds of millions of new LTE subscriptions online. That’s one of the reasons we saw a drop off in average global LTE speed.” According to OpenSignal, India still doesn’t have the capacity when it comes to speeds on LTE, and these are some of the slowest in the world.

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