GSAT-17 in space

India on Thursday put into space its third communication satellite in two months -GSAT-17 -adding to its existing fleet of 17 communication satellites.The 3,477 kg satellite was launched at 2.45 am by French rocket Ariane-5 from Kourou, French Guiana. The approximate cost of the mission is Rs.1,013 crore.

Indian Space Research Organization chairman AS Kiran Kumar said, “The objective is to continuously improve capacity with more communication satellites. We are seeking clearances for additional satellites.“

The satellite, which carried communication payloads in C-band, Extended C-band and S-band to provide various services to the country, has been inducted into the Indian National Satellite GSAT system.

It also carries equipment for meteorological data relay and satellite based search and rescue services.

Isro's Master Control Facility at Hassan in Karnataka took over the command and control of the GSAT-17 immediately after its separation from the launch vehicle. Preliminary health checks of the satellite revealed it was functioning normally .

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