Of Important Prospective Business Destinations....

Although Chief Minister Narendra Modi is fervently hard-selling the “Gujarat model of development”, the Global Initiative for Restructuring Environment and Management (GIREM) ranks Ahmedabad, the state’s capital, only the eighth most important prospective business destination in India-behind even Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) and Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu).
In its latest report, GIREM, a not-for-profit industry body, and DTZ, the global leader in property services, analyzed 21 top business destinations across India. The report scored the cities across various economic, environmental and cultural parameters to rank the best options for businesses to invest with its strong government support in terms of policies as well as infrastructure development and good connectivity to major cities like the NCR and Mumbai.
Out of 160 points, Bangalore scored the highest points (129.56), followed by Chennai (127.84), Mumbai (123.64) and Pune (122.64) which emerged as the first four most preferred business destinations. Indore (121.04) and Bhubaneswar and Coimbatore (both 119.84) were the next three. They were followed by Ahmedabad (119.44), Nagpur (119.36) and Kochi (117.92).
Ahmedabad has “very good energy/power and water supply. Water supply, mobility services and health care services of the city were worth appreciating,” said Shyam Sundar S Pani, President, GIREM.
While popular destinations such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune continued to occupy top positions, the ranking revealed some unexpected contenders in the Top 10 league including Indore, Bhubaneshwar, Kochi, Coimbatore and Nagpur.
The ranking has been developed in association with leading real estate consultancy DTZ. It rates the cities based on factors such as human capital, energy, water, transport, housing, healthcare, climate, office space availability and city culture, amongst others. These constitute the basic eco-socio-economic factors critical in determining the growth of the city.

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