Omar on Article 370

Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah warned that any move to abrogate Article 370, which defines relationship between the state and the Centre, will reopen the issue of the state’s accession to India.
Omar also minced no words in saying that Article 370 of the Constitution was acting as a “bridge” between Jand K and rest of the country and attempts to weaken it would only weaken this relationship.
Omar’s comments came in the backdrop of a debate set off by the BJP prime minister Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s recent statement in Jammu that a debate should be held whether Article 370 that granted special status to Jand K had benefited the state or not.

Replying to a question, Omar regretted that Article 370 was being presented as if it was distancing the state from the rest of the country.
“I can’t understand, why are you people projecting the Article 370, which is the foundation stone of relations between Jammu and Kashmir with rest of India, as a provision which is creating a distance between Kashmir and Delhi.
“Ok, now, when you want to talk about the abrogation of Article 370, please explain which is the way you are going to adopt for its abrogation.
“The only way to abrogate it is by recalling the Constituent Jammu and Kashmir Assembly where the question of state’s accession with India can again be reopened,” he said. 

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