Britain says no legal ground to return Kohinoor

As the government attempts to resuscitate India's claims over the Kohinoor diamond, Britain has declared yet again that there is no legal ground for restitution in the case of the famed jewel which continues to evoke passions in India.
The Modi government had told the Supreme Court in April this year that the diamond could not be described as stolen as it was gifted to the British by Duleep Singh, the son of legendary Sikh king Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Since then, the government has sought to review its position keeping in mind the outrage in the country over what was seen as an attempt to relinquish India's claims over Kohinoor.
“It is the UK government's view that there aren't any legal ground for restitution of the diamond,“ said Alok Sharma, Britain's new minister for Asia and the Pacific who is currently on a visit to India.

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