Monsoon tracker districtwise

An analysis of the Indian Meteorological Department's district-wise data reveals scanty or deficient rain in 178 districts across the country -more than a quarter of all districts -while 171 have seen excess rainfall.
The rest of the country has received normal rain (253 districts), with data on the remaining districts missing or not available.
Nearly halfway into the four-month rainy season, the district rain map reveals information that sub-divisional or state-wise data does not show. For instance, statewide data shows a deficit of 16% for Jharkhand, which puts it in the “normal“ category. But the situation in its districts is different.
Half of Jharkhand's 24 districts have received deficient rain (which at the district level is defined as rainfall that's below 80% of normal).
Likewise, Bihar has 13 districts with deficit rains, Odisha has 12, Haryana nine and UP 13, in addition to four districts where rain has been scanty (less than 40% of normal). In fact, a swathe in eastern India, including north Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, parts of Bihar and interior Odisha, are yet to receive good rains.
This is apart from Gujarat, west Rajasthan, many parts of northeast, Kerala and Himachal where the overall rainfall in the state puts them in the deficient category.
Gujarat is the worst hit of all states, with a huge 57% deficit in Saurashtra and Kutch, and 43% in Gujarat region. Yadav said the state is likely to receive much-needed showers after around three days.
There are, of course, many states where rains have been spectacularly good. Maharashtra, one of the ground-zeroes of farmer distress in recent years, has got excess rain in as many as 20 districts while showers have been normal in 13 others. Two districts, however, have reported a deficit.
Other states to receive bountiful and well-distributed showers include Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Uttarakhand. Taking an all-India view, July has been a good month with an overall monsoon surplus of nearly 8% so far.
That's almost exactly what the Indian Meteorological Department had forecast for the month (7%).The department has predicted a 4% surplus for August as well.
It is hoped that in the coming month, monsoon would be active in many of the areas left out so far.

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