Talk to AK

The Delhi government will conduct an “opinion poll“ and not a “referendum“ on the issue of full statehood for the national capital and bringing subjects such as police and land under the jurisdiction of the state government, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday .
Kejriwal, who had earlier spoken of referendum on the issue, said there was no provision for such a vote.
His remarks came in response to a question during his two-hour-long live interactive session `Talk to AK' in which he held forth on a wide range of issues including measures such as the odd-even scheme and promises like free wi-fi.
“It's a good idea. We are thinking about it and will surely do it. Few people call it referendum but there is no provision for it in the Constitution. It could be an opinion poll. We will ask the people of Delhi whether land and police should come under the elected government,“ Kejriwal said.
Soon after the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, he had tweeted, “ After UK referendum, Delhi will soon have a referendum on full statehood.“
On the odd-even road rationing measure, two phases of which have already been implemented, Kejriwal said his government was considering enforcing it again in winters.
Asked if AAP would deliver on its promise to provide free wi-fi, Kejriwal said, “We are laying a fibre optic cable network in Delhi. It will take another two-three years. Meanwhile, we will create a network of hotspots. It will be ready by early next year provided the Lt Governor does not nullify the proposal.“ Replying to a question on the land pooling policy, Kejriwal said it is under consideration and his government has asked the Delhi Development Authority to insert a clause enabling the setting aside of 10% land for infrastructure development.
The next such interactive session would be held after a month or so, Kejriwal said.

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