Fuel prices on the rise again

Petrol price in Maharashtra once again crossed the Rs.80 mark with the price in Parbhani hitting Rs.80.06 a litre. Diesel also crossed the Rs.70 mark.

The petrol rate in Mumbai was Rs.78.03, while diesel price was Rs.70.76 per litre. The price of petrol in Nanded and Nandurbar were Rs.79.89 and Rs.79.27, while diesel rates were Rs.71.46 and Rs.72.02 per litre.

Rise in prices is due to fluctuation in international crude oil prices and the value of rupee vis-a-vis the dollar.

The highest price of petrol in Mumbai was on October 4 when it had peaked to Rs.91.34 a litre.

The price of diesel too had shot to an all-time high of Rs.80.10 a litre on October 4.

In case of petrol, the price in Maharashtra was reduced by Rs.4.37 a litre on October 5 when both Centre and state government gave relief in taxes. The price had then dropped significantly from Rs.91.34 to Rs.86.97 a litre. But it rose for a few days to end at Rs.88.18 a litre before dropping daily to come down to Rs.80.03 by late November. The prices stabilized as it went below Rs.80 mark and was as low as Rs.73.95 on January 5.

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