Chennai - Bangalore Double decker

It had kept everyone guessing for a year. After the railway budget announced last year that a double decker train would run between Bangalore and Chennai, it did arrive, albeit on a trial run, in the city from the Tamil Nadu capital.
The new train is expected to begin operations as early as in March.
Designed to run at a speed of 160 km per hour, it can travel at a section speed of 105-110 kmph between the two cities. The double decker is expected to take four-and-a-half hours to reach Chennai from Bangalore, down from the five hours taken by other trains.
The double-decker train was tested on tracks for the first time on Sunday.
It will have 11 air-conditioned coaches each with a seating capacity of 120. Every coach will have seats in two decks with food trays attached at the back of each seat. Every row will be provided with bottle holders, push back seats, windscreens and also charging socket, officials said.
The train is expected to go on a second trial next week before obtaining a clearance certificate. The double decker will be in addition to Brindavan Express that shuttles daily between the two state capitals. The train has 70% more seating capacity than Brindavan Express and 30-odd more than that of Bangalore-Chennai Shatabdi Express.
 The train is fitted with German technology chassis provided by Lukwe Holfmann Busch (LHB). The coaches are being readied at the coach factory in Kapurthala, Punjab.

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