Bangalore Blues

Friday’s downpour is said to be the highest ever received by Bangalore in its history, going by the recordings of the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC). “Our station at Begur in Bangalore city recorded 109 mm of rainfall,” V S Prakash, director, KSNDMC said..
“Though monsoon entry was declared on Saturday, the process was under way on Friday itself. There were unusually high convective systems at play. Only interior Karnataka witnessed heavy rain and not the Malnad belt. Koppal recorded 180mm of rainfall. It was spectacular,” he explained.
The Indian Meteorological Department, Bangalore, however, said Friday’s rainfall was the second highest received by Bangalore ever. Officials said their recordings were reliable as it was manually measured and their manual measurements were matched by instrumental recordings, following international standards.
“Bangalore received its highest rainfall of 101.6 mm of rain on June 16, 1891. Friday’s was the second highest when we received 100 mm of rain. It's the second highest rainfall in 122 years. Between 7.30 pm and 8 pm there was rainfall of 66 mm which is a rarity,” said B Puttanna, in-charge director, IMD, Bangalore.

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