15 Year Vision

Five-year plans, one of the last links to Nehru's economic policies, will soon be history. The government has decided to discontinue the plans after the current one which ends next March and replace it with one for 15 years that will factor in social goals and sustainable development goals.
Starting next financial year, the Centre intends to put in place a seven-year strategy as part of what will be called a `National Development Agenda' (NDA) to convert the long-term vision into a policy statement that can be implemented. Unlike the five-year plans, which largely focused on social and economic sectors, the `NDA ' will also extend to defence and internal security , sources familiar with the decision taken by the Prime Minister's Office said. The `NDA ' will be reviewed every three years with the first mid-term appraisal due in 2019-20, the year the next Finance Commission award is implemented and a new Lok Sabha is elected.“By aligning it to the Finance Commission, the government is trying to ensure that financial resources are available,“ said a source. The Finance Commission is tasked with deciding the division of the Centre's tax revenue with states and local bodies every five years.
Since taking charge two years ago, the Modi government has abolished the Planning Commission, which was set up by Nehru in 1950, and replaced it with Niti Aayog which is not involved with the allocation of plan funds. In fact, in the last budget, finance minister Arun Jaitley had announced that the government now intends to do away with the distinction between plan and non-plan spending. The transformation of the Planning Commission--from an agency that planned and was involved in allocation of funds--to Niti Aayog, which is a think tank that is closely involved in monitoring implementation, is also seeing a slight change. The new agency has been tasked with preparing the vision document as well as the `NDA ' strategy apart from the mid-term review .
Late last month, the PMO had asked Niti Aayog to undertake monthly monitoring of implementation of outcome-based presentations made to Modi. It is preparing a `dashboard' for constant monitoring and evaluation in line with the targets that are fixed for major social sector and infrastructure schemes.

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