Tiger T14 found dead in reserve near Nagpur

An adult male tiger was found dead at Chikhaldara in Melghat Tiger Reserve on Sunday . This is the sixth tiger death in the region, with the last one dying in Doni outside Kolsa range of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve on May 5.With a height of 125 cm and length of 285 cm, the tiger named T14 was the dominant male of Chikhaldara range for the last six years. According to sources, T14 had till now produced 30 cubs.
Prima facie it seems to be a natural death since there had been no tampering with the carcass. The tiger might have died of sunstroke, said forest officials. The carcass was five days old and in a highly decomposed state.
The field director ruled out poaching as all the body parts such as skull, jaws, canines, nails and paws were intact. The carcass was burned in the presence of all officials and veterinary doctors after the postmortem.

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