Mumbai area increases by 22 sq km in draft DP

Mumbai is now officially spread over 476.24 sq kms. For the first time the BMC's draft development plan has accounted for land under defence, railways, Mumbai Port Trust and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority and has also included the 14.96 sq kms that has emerged from the sea on the eastern coast on account of excessive siltation.
The areas under various central agencies were earlier not accounted for in the Development Plan and though the BMC provides civic amenities for these areas, the planning authority could not plan for them. “This time I have insisted that all the land must be included,“ said Ramnath Jha, in charge of revising the draft DP.Officials said the earlier draft that was publicised in 2015 had raised the area from 437 sq kms to 454 sq kms. This has now been further revised to come to a figure of 476.24 sq kms.
P K Das, activist and architect who had been insisting that the BMC correctly map the city said he was glad.

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