Ek Nayi Subah

The country faces a choice between vikaswad (development) and virodhwad (obstructionism) and the people are well placed to make the right choice, PM Narendra Modi said at a function to mark two years of the NDA government, at India Gate on Saturday .
“I am here to give you a lekha-jhokha (accounting) of our two years in office. There is the agenda of development and there is the agenda of obstructionism...Log doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani kar sakte hain,“ PM Modi said, reflecting the regime's new-found confidence in the wake of BJP's victory in Assam and indications that a normal monsoon could accelerate economic recovery .. Asserting that India has begun to change, PM Modi said, “What has been done must be seen in comparison with previous governments. We cannot forget what has happened or we will not make the right evaluation. The Supreme Court had cancelled coal mines, there was no coal in powerhouses. Two years ago, every paper or channel was discussing corruption.“ Though he did not mention Congress, his allusion to the main opposition was plain enough. “A total of Rs.36,000 crore of leakages has stopped and these savings will be effected every year. Ek nayi subah hai,“ the PM said, referring to subsidies being routed through Aadhaar-linked direct benefit transfers. Making sure to stress the pro-poor measures the government has taken, Modi said, “I have declared war against corruption and taken step after step for the poor.“
Pointing to widespread leakages, he added: “Can you imagine how this counrty was working...a girl not born became a widow and then a pension was also paid.“ Modi said he had worked relentlessly to turn around the situation by fighting corruption through measures like Aadhaar-linked subsidies and said criticism of his government was coming from those who were losing out with leakages being plugged. “I am before you to assure that we will fulfill your trust by doing our best. No decision has been taken with bad intent (badniyati). National interest and Team India is our idea. But those who benefited in the past will be discomfited. I will ensure that the money of the poor will not go anywhere,“ he said.

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