Monsoon extends stay

The southwest monsoon is not done with India yet, overstaying well past its normal withdrawal date of October 15. The monsoon is now expected to withdraw in the first week of November --its most extended stay since 2007.
In the last 10 years, the most delayed monsoon withdrawal was in 2010, when the wind system pulled out of the country on October 29. The delay this year is due to a deep depression that has formed over the Bay of Bengal. It is expected to intensify into a cyclonic storm during the next 48 hours, according to India Meteorological Department. While the monsoon has withdrawn from most parts of the country, it still remains active over parts of the southern peninsula, the region where the northeast monsoon sets in. B Mukhopadhyay , IMD's additional director general of meteorology , said that the delay was not very unusual and such a phenomenon could happen once in 10 years. The conditions for withdrawal will become favourable after the dissipation of the cyclonic disturbance over the Bay of Bengal.

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