Mumbai - Pune Expressway: Toll charges increased

Revised toll charges for Mumbai-Pune Expressway have come into effect from April 20.

The toll operator revised charges after three years, as per a government gazette.

The charges for light motor vehicles, including cars, jeeps and vehicles with capacity of 12 passengers were increased from Rs.230 to Rs.270; mini-buses(20), from Rs.355 to Rs.420.

The charges for buses were increased from Rs.675 to Rs.797.

The charges for 2-seater trucks were increased from Rs.493 to Rs.580, for 3-seater trucks it was increased from Rs.1,168 to Rs.1,380; for multiaxle vehicles (loaded or empty), like mobile crane and vehicle with two or more seats, it was increased from Rs.1,555 to Rs.1,835.

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