Maharashtra on track to become a trillion dollar economy

Maharashtra is on track to become a trillion-dollar economy, given the impetus to infrastructure development in the last three years, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said. The state attracted more than half of the total FDI in the country last fiscal, Fadnavis said.

The theme of the 5th edition of the ‘Progressive Maharashtra Summit’, organised by industry body FICCI is ‘Maharashtra 2025: Leapfrogging to $1 Trillion Economy’.

Noting that the state has always been a leader in industry and business in the country, the CM said there have been times when Maharashtra’s leadership position was “threatened, challenged and compromised” to some extent. “However, in the last three years of our government, we have been successful in bringing the state back to the leadership position in the country,” he asserted. Using the FDI metrics in Maharashtra as an indicator, Fadnavis said the state accounted for more than half of the country’s FDI last year, which shows the confidence of global investors. There used to be a very close competition between Delhi, Karnataka and Gujarat in terms of attracting FDI, he said. In 2016-17, of the overall FDI, as much as 53 per cent came into Maharashtra, making it the undisputed leader, the chief minister added. Fadnavis stressed that the reforms being taken up by the government are paving the way for making India globally competitive. 

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