Equity Fund SIPs : July Inflows at₹7,554 crore

Retail investors continued to pour money in equity mutual funds through monthly installments in July. Equity schemes got ₹7,554 crore through systematic investment plans in July, exactly same as in the previous month.

In the first seven months of the calendar year, mutual funds have mobilised ₹49,290 crore through SIPs, compared to ₹31,024 crore during the same period last year — a rise of 59%.

Mutual funds in India have currently about 2.33 crore SIP accounts through which investors regularly invest in fund schemes. AMFI data show that the MF industry had added about 9.92 lakh SIP accounts every month on an average in FY19, with an average SIP size of about ₹3,250 per account. The contribution of SIPs which stood at a mere 52 lakh mobilising ₹1,206 crore every month in 2014 with an average SIP size of ₹2,322.

SIPs are a monthly contributions toward a chosen mutual fund scheme and offer the power of compounding. They are a disciplined way of investing regularly and help beat volatility.

They offer flexibility, choice of tenure and the ability to start, stop or modify investments at any time post starting.

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