PM Modi dedicates National Atomic Timescale to country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the National Atomic Timescale and Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya Pranali to the nation and laid the foundation stone of National Environmental Standards Laboratory through a video conference.

The National Atomic Timescale generates Indian Standard Time with an accuracy of 2.8 nanoseconds.

Expressing happiness over CSIRNPL National Atomic Timescale which he dedicated to humanity, the Prime Minister said that India has become self-reliant in measuring the time within the range of a nanosecond. “Achieving the accuracy level of 2.8 nanoseconds is a huge capability in itself. Now Indian Standard Time is matching the International Standard Time with the accuracy range of less than 3 nanoseconds. This will be a big help for an organisation like ISRO that is working with cutting-edge technology,” Modi said.

Modern technology-related banking, railways, defence, health, telecom, weather forecast, disaster management and many similar sectors will be benefited greatly from this achievement.

He said the Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya, dedicated to the nation on Monday, would help the industry to make quality products in sectors like heavy metals, pesticides, pharma and textiles by drafting a ‘Certified Reference Material System’.

The PM also dwelled on the role of the timescale in strengthening India’s role in Industry 4.0. “India is moving towards a leading position in the field of environment.”

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