We’ve a ramshackle judiciary, most regret moving court: Ex-CJI

In an admission that the judicial system is cumbersome and often fails to deliver justice on time, former Chief Justice and Rajya Sabha MP Ranjan Gogoi said people regret their decision to approach the court and it is the rich and corporate world denizens who are better suited to take their chances in court.

Appealing to members of the judiciary to take immediate steps for a roadmap to improve the situation, Justice Gogoi said the present system is not working for more than one reason and changes were needed in the way judges are selected and trained. He also said that delay in appointment of judges is one of the problems.

Responding to a question on if he would file a case against people targeting him and making allegations, Gogoi said, “If you have to go to court, you will only be washing dirty linen in court and you will not get a verdict. I have no hesitation to say so. Who goes to court. You regret it if you go to court. You go to court as a corporate to take a chance. If you succeed then crores of rupees would come...”

“We want to have five trillion dollar economy but we have ramshackle judiciary-...In 2020 when the functioning of every organisation was at lower ebb, including judiciary, there was addition of 60 lakhs cases at subordinate judiciary and around three lakhs cases added in various high courts and six to seven thousand in Supreme Court. Time has come when we should have a roadmap. This is something for the judiciary to work out which is not being done,” he said.

He also expressed concern over the present time when people with “power and loud voice” try to target and malign others, including judges.

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