Mumbai Port Trust snippets

The Mumbai Port Trust is constructing two offshore container berths and an offshore terminal and received permission from the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority for it on April 20.

The Mumbai Port Trust had told the government that there was no reclamation required and that it was an extension of earlier projects wherein two docks were filled up. Earlier, concerns were expressed on the effect on flamingos.

The Mumbai Port Trust has already completed two berths and approach trestle, capital dredging for berth pocket, filling of Princess and Victoria dock, rail container depot, approach channel and turning circle dredging, and birth pocket. Now, the Mumbai Port Trust wants procurement of cargo handling equipment, container yard, and capital dredging in the approach channel. The Mumbai Port Trust claimed that it was only filling old dock basins.

The union shipping ministry is developing the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and expanding it. At the same time, much export of cars and other material happens from offshore container terminal located off Ferry Wharf.

Mumbai has a natural harbour, but over a period of time, a lot of silt has accumulated there. Since the Mumbai Port Trust and the union shipping ministry wanted to have bigger ships coming in, they buried the Princess and Victoria docks and also constructed a terminal inside the sea connected with the road on stilts. The new permission is a part of the expansion.

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