Somewhere in the North-East....

In the 2012 state polls, it drew a blank in the 60-member House. In 2000 and 2002 Manipur assembly elections, BJP had won six and four seats. Seemingly impressed by the huge turnout, Modi said during his speech in Guwahati, “Jahan bhi dekho, maathey hi maathey nazar aa rahe hain (Wherever you turn, you see only heads).” By conservative estimates, the turnout at the rally at the College of Veterinary Science ground in Guwahati was between 1-1.5 lakh. Assam BJP spokesman Shiladitya Dev claimed the number was 2.5 lakh.
“People in Assam, as in other parts of the country, want change from Congress rule at the Centre and in the state. They’re aware of the development Gujarat has seen under Modi and it’s natural that they should want to see and hear him,” Dev said.
When Narendra Modi declared that the country’s northeast must be set in order to ensure the rest of the country fares better citing the principles of vastu-shastra, his remark was met with a roar of approval.
It turns out the public chorus in agreement with Modi was no ordinary one; experienced political observers affirmed that the gatherings in Imphal and Guwahati on Saturday were among the largest witnessed — in Assam since the 1980s when the anti-foreigner agitation was on and, in Imphal, at one lakh plus, the biggest ever. This, when the saffron party is yet to make its presence felt in Assam and the surrounding provinces.
In Assam, BJP has four MPs and five MLAs. In Manipur it has no MP

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