Mumbai - Pune Expressway : Restricted access

The escalation of the coronavirus pandemic has now called for minimum vehicular movement on Mumbai-Pune Expressway from Tuesday. While there has been a complete embargo on state transport and luxury buses, private car owners have been asked to pack not more than five people. This decision was rolled out on Sunday as a part of larger precautionary measures.

Milind Mohite, highway superintendent (Pune division), said, “We cannot impose complete ban for all vehicles as we understand the possibility of emergencies. However, it is best for people to avoid travelling at all costs.” He added that those with a strong reason to commute between the two cities will be permitted on the stretch.

The decision provoked long queues on the expressway over two days. Pavan Chorghe, who was on the stretch on Saturday, said, “There was quite some traffic we experienced. We were checked thoroughly and asked if we had any travel history.”

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