India and Israel have ‘gehri dosti’

With the world witnessing significant changes, India’s ties with Israel have become even more significant, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. Speaking on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, Modi said it was the best possible time now to set new goals in the relationship.

“This day holds importance in our relationship as full diplomatic ties were established between the two countries 30 years ago. A new chapter between the two countries had begun. It was a new chapter but history between us is age-old,” said the PM. “For centuries, the Jew community has stayed in India in a harmonious environment without any discrimination and has grown. It has made an important contribution in our development journey,” he added.

In a special video message on the occasion, Modi said people of India and Israel have always shared a special relationship. “There cannot be a better opportunity than now for setting new goals for mutual cooperation,” Modi said.

Israel and India have a “gehri dosti” (deep friendship), Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Saturday and thanked PM Modi for his “deep commitment” to the “strong and robust friendship” as the two nations celebrated 30 years of establishment of diplomatic relations.

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