Maharashtra: MSEDCL to install 10 lakh smart meters across state

The MSEDCL has floated tenders for installation of 10 lakh smart meters for electricity consumers across Maharashtra and has also sent a proposal to the government for setting up of 1.66 crore smart meters in 3-4 years, announced MSEDCL managing director Vijay Singhal on Friday.

“The installation of 10 lakh new smart meters will be finalised in a fortnight and this will be a game changer in 2022,” Singhal said, adding that the smart meters will ensure accurate readings, reduce cases of inflated billings, bring in savings for consumers who can keep a check on consumption every hour and also reduce annual power distribution losses. The power distribution losses of MSEDCL, with a consumer base of 2.8 crore, is the highest in the state at over 10%.

The smart meters can also prevent power theft. For example, if there is any tampering of the meter by a third party, there is an inbuilt alert which goes off. An alert message will be sent to the server of MSEDCL and the customer is also informed of any kind of meter rigging.

Experts said these meters will immensely benefit power utility firms to reduce the peak power consumption and control average cost of supply. “It will help us in load planning and load forecasting at any given time of the day or night as we can check the patterns of consumption across various pockets/power distribution areas remotely,” Singhal said.

MSEDCL can switch off the smart meter remotely, and can also take meter readings without actually going to the site. This will be of great advantage during a lockdown.

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