Nepal Starts Exporting Surplus Energy to India

In what would boost cross-border energy partnership, Nepal has started selling electricity to India through its power exchange market since last week. Following the rainy season, Nepal's hydel power projects produced excess power which prompted the Nepal Electricity Authority to sell surplus energy to the Indian market. “We started selling 37.7MW of electricity to Indian buyers starting from 12.15 am on Thursday,” Suresh Bhattarai, spokesperson at the Nepal Electricity Authority told reporters in Kathmandu.

According to him, electricity produced from the 24MW Trishuli and 15MW Devighat power plants was sold on Thursday. The average price of electricity has been maintained at ₹6 per unit, Kathmandu Post reported quoting Lokendra Shahi, another NEA official. The NEA earned around Rs 10 million by selling electricity last Thursday. Nepal is selling electricity to India through its exchange market for the second year in a row.

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