Reforms not pleasant now, will help later: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that many decisions and reforms may seem unfair and unpleasant initially, but over time, the country will start to benefit from them. “The path of reforms will eventually take us to new milestones,” he said while addressing a rally in Bengaluru, referring to reforms in the IT sector, especially startups. The PM’s remarks come in the wake of widespread protests against Agnipath, Centre’s recently announced scheme for recruitment in the armed forces. However, the Prime Minister made no direct reference to Agnipath. The PM said that of late, there has been a lot of discussion about India’s startup ecosystem, of which Bengaluru is a major hub. “The path for startups and innovation isn’t easy, and to ensure the country moved in this direction wasn’t smooth in the past eight years. Several decisions and reforms could appear unpleasant in the short run, but their benefits will be experienced with time.

It is the path of reforms that leads us to newer goals. From space to defence, we’ve opened up all sectors that for decades were under government control,” he added. He had made similar remarks a day earlier too, as he hit out at the opposition after inaugurating the Pragati Maidan Integrated Transit Corridor in Delhi. “It is the country’s misfortune that many good things brought with good intentions get trapped in politics,” he said, without mentioning the Agnipath scheme. Noting that Bengaluru has shown what youth can achieve if the government gives facilities and interferes less in the life of citizens, Modi said Bengaluru is the city of dreams for the youth, and entrepreneurship. Innovation and right use of public and private sectors are the main reasons behind it.

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