Somewhere in Rajasthan....

Talking on the mobile phone while driving in Rajasthan will now cost you your licence. The Jodhpur bench of Rajasthan high court has directed the traffic police to obtain photographs of such violators and forward their credentials to the regional transport office for cancellation of driving licence.

The court passed the order after the additional commissioner of police (traffic) told the court that a large number of drivers used mobile phones while driving, which was not permissible.

The court ordered the traffic police to “ensure that no driver shall use mobile phone while driving vehicles and if found using them, then after obtaining their photographs and other credentials the same may be forwarded to the concerned RTO for cancellation of driving licence”.

According to the World Health Organisation, those using mobile phones while driving face four times higher risk of crash. The number of accidents and deaths due to this growing menace has shot up across the world.

Using mobile phone while driving claimed at least 2,138 lives in 2016 across the country, which experts said was hugely under-reported.

The recent incident of 13 school children dying in a busrail collision in Uttar Pradesh has brought the rampant use of phone while driving to the limelight. The driver was on phone while driving, some students claimed. Using mobile phone is the biggest cause of distraction while driving.

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