MMR: Final green nod for third Vashi bridge expansion

The final hurdle for the construction of the third Thane creek bridge, that has been pending for almost a year, has been cleared. The state revenue department on Monday, issued the order to the suburban collector (Bandra) to hand over the compensatory land to the forest department in lieu of the mangrove land.

Around 1.4 hectare (ha) of land (a little less than the size of Kamala Nehru Park in Mumbai) needs to be handed over to the forest department in Erangal village in Borivli creek for mangrove plantation tin order to compensate for an equivalent patch of mangrove land that will be cleared to make way for the expansion work.

TCB III project, alternately described as Vashi bridge lane expansion, once completed, will ease road traffic for the upcoming Navi Mumbai international airport, Pune Expressway augmentation work that is also underway besides inter-city and intra-city commute.

MSRDC is executing the Rs.775 crore mega project that will have equity participation of Rs.400 crore ; Rs.200 crore by Cidco, Rs.200 crore by MSRDC and the rest by borrowings. The scheduled time for completion is three years from the date of the work order. MSRDC will give the order to L&T and work may start from October 1.

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