PM Announces Health IDs Scheme for All

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled an ambitious National Digital Health Mission under which every Indian will get a health ID that will ease access to medical services. He also said the country has made plans for mass-producing Covid-19 vaccine once scientists give a green signal. In his Independence Day address, the PM said the health ID would store every individual’s medical records. “This will bring a new revolution in India’s health sector and it will help reduce problems in getting treatment with the help of technology,” he said. “Every Indian will be given a health ID, which will work as each Indian’s health account.”

He said this would ease the problems faced by citizens in getting healthcare access.

The health ID will contain information about medical data, prescriptions and diagnostic reports and summaries of previous discharge from hospitals for ailments. Modi said the country has prepared a road map to ensure that a Covid-19 vaccine reached everyone in the shortest possible time. “I want to tell people, the talent of our scientists is like that of rishi munis and they are working very hard in laboratories. Three vaccines are in various stages of testing. When scientists will give us the green signal, it will be produced on a mass scale and all preparations have been made for it,” Modi said. 

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