Rawat: India keeping its ‘military options’ open if China talks fail

India is keeping its “military options” open if the ongoing talks at the diplomatic and military levels with China do not lead to a breakthrough in the stalled troop disengagement and de-escalation in eastern Ladakh.

In a clear signal of intent to China, chief of defence staff General Bipin Rawat said the Indian armed forces “remain prepared for military actions” if “peaceful efforts” through talks did not succeed in restoring status quo along the Line of Actual Control as it existed in April. The statement appears aimed at conveying that a prolonged stand off with Chinese troops camping in certain areas like Pangong and Depsang will not be acceptable.

“Military options to deal with transgressions by the Chinese Army in Ladakh are there, but they will be exercised only if talks fail,” Gen Rawat told a news agency on Monday.

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