Negative views of China rise sharply across countries

Negative perceptions of China have risen sharply in many countries, especially in Australia and UK, according to a new survey from Pew Research Center. The poll comes as China is engaged in multiple trade and diplomatic disputes, driven in part by a more aggressive diplomatic approach.

The survey conducted across 14 countries showed a majority of people had an unfavourable view of China. It was conducted from June 10 to August 3 among 14,276 adults across the 14 countries. In Australia, 81% said they have an unfavourable view of China, a rise of 24 percentage points from last year.

The rise corresponds with higher tensions in ties after Australia called for an international probe into the origins of coronavirus as well as the implementation of a new national security law in Hong Kong. The poll showed those with negative attitudes hit 74% in Britain, a rise of 19 percentage points compared to last year; 71% in Germany, a rise of 15 points; and 73% in the US, a rise of 13 points.

People also do not trust China’s President Xi Jinping, with 78% saying they don’t have confidence in him to do the right thing in world affairs.

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