New version of N-capable Shaurya missile tested

India tested an advanced version of the nuclear-capable Shaurya missile, which has a strike range of 750 to 1,000-km, from a launch facility off the Odisha coast on Saturday.

The surface-to-surface Shaurya missile, which is designed to achieve hypersonic speed as it nears the target, was test-fired from a hermetically-sealed canister from the Abdul Kalam Island test range at about 12.10 pm.

There was no official word on whether the test was successful or not.

The canister-launch for the two-stage missile, however, makes it deadlier because the armed forces get the requisite operational flexibility to swiftly transport and fire it from anywhere they want. The solid-fueled Shaurya is essentially a land variant of 750-km range K-15 submarine-launched ballistic missile, which arms the country’s solitary nuclear-powered nuclear ballistic missile submarine INS Arihant.

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