Pandemic: Kerala hushed up real toll as deaths surged

Covid-19 death registrations in local bodies in the state picked up at an alarming pace during the second wave, going from 404 Covid deaths a month to over 10,000 death registrations in May, according to RTI data on Covid deaths. The peak was astronomical, over 2,000% in three months.

At the same time, official data of the health department showed that the situation was pretty much under control. Between March and May, the official death toll during the second wave was just around 4,500. But the registration figures put the number for three months at 12,560, nearly three times what the health department had published. There were striking disparities in the number of people who died of Covid-19 in Kerala in April and May. When registration figures showed that April and May recorded 1,554 and 10,602 Covid deaths respectively in Kerala; the health department’s figures for the corresponding periods were 687 and 3,507 respectively.

Between April and May the caseload had more than doubled from 4 lakh to 9 lakh.

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