Mumbai: Toll rates to rise from Oct 1

Toll rates at Mumbai entry point booths at Vashi, Mulund, LBS Marg, Airoli and Dahisar will go up from October 1. The one-way toll for a passenger car, which was Rs.35, will now be Rs.40. A state government notification said for toll recovery against cost of flyovers, bridges, subways and road development besides maintenance, the increase of roughly 18% in rates is made effective every three years. The toll of Rs.35 has been constant for six years. The new rates will be applicable till September 30, 2023.

For light commercial vehicles, the toll has been increased by Rs.10 one-way to Rs.65, and for trucks and buses by Rs.25 each way to Rs.130. For multi-axle vehicles, the increase is of Rs.25, to Rs.160.

In September 2002, a toll was introduced at Vashi, Mulund, LBS, Airoli and Dahisar, and it was extended in 2010 on the pretext of maintenance. The collection contract will continue till September 2027. Mumbai Entry Point Toll Ltd is expected to generate a cash flow of over Rs.11,500 crore by 2027. MEP had paid Rs.2,100 crore upfront in 2010 to the state as part of the contract. If one considers the bank loan interest, maintenance cost and other charges over 17 years, Mumbaikars paid more than 10 times the initial cost of Rs. 2,100 crore by 2017.

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