Thiruvananthapuram: Outrage as youths beat dog to death

In a shocking incident, a dog was beaten to death by two juveniles and a youth at Adimalathura. The incident came to light after Christuraj, one of the owners of the dog, released the brutal video of the dog being clubbed to death on Facebook.

The video shows the dog, tied by its neck to the hook of a boat’s fishing bait, being beaten with heavy sticks by three persons. The incident happened on Monday morning.

Inspector G Ramesh, station house officer, Vizhinjam police, said that the police have registered a case invoking relevant sections pertaining to cruelty to animals. “However, we have not taken the accused into custody yet as it turns out that the offenders, the youth seen in the video attacking the dog, are all under the age of 18 years,” the inspector said.

The dog, a black labrador named Bruno, was jointly raised by eight siblings who resided in houses next to each other. The complaint was filed by Sony P, sister of Christuraj. They brought up the dog together for the last eight years. Sony said that they were devastated by what happened to Bruno.

“He had been with us for eight years. Our kids played with him and he would eat from all our houses. He was family to us. It was recently that he started going to the beach. Usually he would go and return by noon,” said Sony.

Martin, one of the siblings, bought Bruno at the age of one. Since then, he had been with the family. Sony said that his leash would break easily and they were planning to buy a new one once the lockdown was lifted.

When Bruno went missing on Monday morning, Andrew, Sony’s brother-in-law went in search of the dog. He found their pet being clubbed by a group of youths at the beach. He couldn’t confront them as he was outnumbered. He was told that Bruno came running from the beach and lay under the fishing boat and they beat the dog. As Andrew looked on, the youths hurled the dead dog into the sea.

Although the complaint was filed on Tuesday, police have not taken any action, Sony said. “We came to know that they were burying the matter with the help of one of the relatives employed at coastal police station nearby. We felt we wouldn’t get justice and we took to Facebook so that everyone would know what happened to our Bruno,” said Sony.

After they filed a police complaint, the youths came to their house with iron rods and threatened them that they too would suffer the fate of their dog, she added.

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