Lucknow: Tech to infuse life into Eldeco’s dead lake

Over two decades back, Eldeco-II was developed near Rae Bareli Road with a vision to provide better quality of living to citizens. Neglect of civic and development authorities over the years, however, has made the residential colony uninhabitable.

The 36,026 sq m lake has turned into a solid waste dumping ground, while filth from the broken sewerage finds its way into it, polluting the water and killing aquatic life. The condition has deteriorated to such an extent that scores of homes in the low-lying area are flooded every monsoon.

Taking cognizance of the problem, Lucknow Development Authority is all set to introduce bio-engineered water cleaning technology to cleanse the lake. It would be for the first time when bioengineered cleaning technology is being used in UP . Officials said certain microbes would be added and specific plants and vetiver grass will be sown to remove the toxicity of the water and the lake would be beautified. The project is estimated to cost around ₹ 5 crore.

LDA chief engineer Indushekhar Singh said, “Over the years, the water of Eldeco lake has been contaminated by surrounding untreated water sources, leakage from damaged sewerage and dumping of solid waste. LDA aims to rejuvenate the perennial lake by using bio-remediation, phytoremediation and bio-engineering components.” “It would be the first such effort in the state and would be a pilot project for other water bodies in the city and state,” he added. Assistant engineer Alok Singh, said, “In bioremediation, microbe colonies break down or remove toxins and harmful substances from water and soil, while phyto-remediation involves growing vetiver plants for containment of contaminants in soil, sludge, sediments, surface water, and groundwater.” “We expect that the rejuvenation project will start showing results in nine to 12 months,” he added.

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