Of Asia's first cycle highway....

Uttar Pradesh now has Asia's first cycle highway . The 207 km-long cycle highway runs between Etawah and Agra and was declared open on Saturday . A rally of 90 cyclists from India and five other countries followed the inauguration ceremony at the Lion Safari in Etawah.
Constructed by the UP public works department, the cycle highway runs parallel to the main highway . A divider in between ensures the safety of cyclists. Along the way from Etawah to Agra, it dots 92 villages.
Built at a cost of Rs.133.78 crore, the UP government views this as a major initiative to boost eco-tourism in the state.The CM had announced his `dream' project in December 2015. The two-metre-wide highway which ends at Taj's east gate passes by many waterbodies, canals, gardens and historical sites like Raja Bhoj ki Haveli, Bateshwar Shiva temples, Sauripur Jain temples, Jarar Chambal Safari and Nand Gaon.The track criss-crosses the natural beauty of the Chambal and Yamuna rivers.

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