Of Mumbai's Eastern Waterfront....

Six consortiums will on Tuesday unveil their plans to Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) for transforming the Eastern Waterfront into a hotspot for tourism and recreation.
MBPT has decided to have a Master Plan to utilize the part of the port land for other than portrelated activities. An MBPT spokesperson said, “There are aspirations of the city to meet its needs for lung space, marina, sea front walkways, promenades, water sports and plazas so that it can become an international destination for recreation, tourism along with mixed land use having world-class smart infrastructure.“
MBPT had invited bids from internationally technical consultants for the project. It has shortlisted six world-renowned bidders,which submitted the concept design and financial bid on November 15.
The presentation of the concept design is scheduled for November 22 and the successful bidder will be finalized by December.

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