Mumbai Airport breaks another record!

The Mumbai airport broke its previous records on Tuesday by handling as many as 1,003 flights in a single day.

Mumbai International Airport Limited said that in February, the airport handled 988 and 980 flights on two separate days, which were records in themselves.

The city’s airport is the second busiest in the country, having handled more than 48 million passengers in the last fiscal.

Tuesday’s record shattering performance also meant that the airport has seen a 100 per cent rise in the number of flights from 12 years ago — from around 580 in 2006 to 1,003 in 2018.

Incidentally, the number of flights was high on Tuesday because of a clearing of backlog of delayed flights — the rainfall on Monday night led to many flights being rescheduled or diverted, and these landed at or departed from Mumbai on Tuesday.

“This is why the airport reached the record of handling more than 1,000 flights in one single day,” said an airport official.

The MIAL in a statement on Wednesday said, “Mumbai airport achieved yet another milestone by handling the maximum number of flights in a 24-hour timeframe. It is the highest traffic in a single day at any single runway airport in India till date. Due to heavy rainfall the aircrafts were diverted to the nearby airports and were later accommodated immediately as the rains stopped, which lead to increase in the flight movements.”

The airport has a main as well as secondary runway but they intersect midway, so both cannot be shut down completely. The primary runway can handle up to 48 arrivals and departures per hour, while the secondary runway has a capacity of 35 flight movements per hour.

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