Of Full Statehood for Delhi....

Before the Delhi Assembly endorsed a resolution demanding full statehood for the city-state, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal criticised both BJP and Congress for using the statehood issue only to win elections. “I want to tell BJP that if Delhi is granted statehood before the 2019 general elections, we will make sure that each and every vote from the capital goes in their favour; we will campaign for them,” Kejriwal said in the Assembly. “If you don't grant statehood, then every Delhi resident will put up signboards saying, ‘BJP leave Delhi’.”

Saying that the Aam Aadmi Party would run a 'LG, Delhi chhodo' campaign, Kejriwal claimed that if Delhi was accorded full statehood, every family would be assured of a house and employment. The CM noted, “Chhattisgarh generates Rs.5,400 crore in taxes and get Rs.26,000 crore in return from the Centre. Gujarat generates Rs.47,000 crore and gets Rs.28,000 crore. But Delhi, which generates Rs.1.3 lakh crore in tax revenue receives only Rs.325 crore. If we start getting a sum comparable to other states, we will build houses for every family living in Delhi within five years.”

Leader of the Opposition Vijender Gupta and MLA M S Sirsa were ordered to be marshalled out of the House by the speaker before the discussions began. The BJP MLAs sat in protest outside the CM’s office at Vidhan Sabha after being evicted. “The AAP government is trying to divert public attention from issues plaguing the city,” accused Gupta. “Why have none of AAP’s MPs raised the statehood issue in Parliament?”

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