Bajaj goes Qute

Quadricycle - a vehicle that is similar to an auto rickshaw on four wheels - was launched in Maharashtra by Bajaj Auto. The quadricycle will be named Bajaj Qute and will be available in petrol and compressed natural gas variants in select Bajaj Auto retail outlets.

According to Prashant Ahire, deputy general manager of business planning at Bajaj Intracity Limited, “The launch is targeted at commercial auto-rickshaw drivers who are looking for an upgrade.”After having launched in five other states, including Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa, the vehicle was launched in Maharashtra.

The vehicle that looks like a car in the size of an autorickshaw will be available in six colours. The Maharashtra government has prescribed black colour for commercial quadricycles. With an aim of 60,000 sale throughout the country in the current year, the quadricycle has sold 200 units in Kerala since its launch a few weeks ago. In five other states, the vehicle was launched in the past two weeks and has seen takers from the commercial drivers.

The safety tests were newly defined for the vehicle since this was the first vehicle in its category that is neither a car not a three-wheeler.

“This category itself is a speed-limited category. It cannot drive beyond 70 km/hour. that itself is a big factor for safety,” added Anupam Shrivastava, service head at intracity business unit of Bajaj Auto.

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