India to build 12 nuclear plants

India will set up 12 more nuclear power stations to ensure free flow of uninterrupted electricity for both industrial and residential purposes, Department of Atomic Energy secretary and Atomic Energy Commission chairman K N Vyas said at the Russian International AtomExpo in Sochi.

Currently, there are nine nuclear power reactors at various stages of construction and are scheduled to be completed by 2024-25. There are two reactors of 700 MW capacity each in Gujarat’s Kakrapar, two in Rajasthan’s Rawatbhata (700 MW each), two reactors of 1,000 MW capacity each in Tamil Nadu’s Kudankulam, one reactor of 500 MW in Kalpakkam and two (700 MW each) in Haryana’s Gorakhpur.

Twelve more nuclear power reactors were accorded administrative approval and financial sanction by the Union government in 2017. While 10 will be of 700 MW capacity, two will be of 1,000 MW each. Two reactors will come up in Gorakhpur, two in Rajasthan’s Mahi-Banswara, two in Karnataka’s Kaiga, two in MP’s Chutka and two in Kudankulam.

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