2nd India - Nordic Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and five PMs of Nordic countries pledged to deepen cooperation between the Nordic countries and India.

At the Second India-Nordic Summit in Copenhagen, they focused their discussions on key issues related to international peace and security, including the conflict in Ukraine, multilateral cooperation, green transition and climate change, the blue economy, innovation and digitalisation.

The Prime Ministers reaffirmed the importance of free trade as a driver for achieving inclusive growth and realising the sustainable development goals.

As was the case with joint statements with Germany and Denmark, India did not join the Nordic countries in their condemnation of Russia.

But India and the five countries expressed their serious concern about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 

The Prime Ministers saw opportunities for increased cooperation in the Arctic on polar research, climate and environmental issues.

They agreed that a strong partnership between India and Nordic countries can help promote innovation, economic growth, climate friendly solutions and mutually beneficial trade and investments. 

India and the Nordic countries affirmed their support for a rules-based international order and for multilateral institutions and their commitment to work towards making them more inclusive, transparent, and accountable with the aim of addressing global challenges more effectively. 

This included working towards reform of the United Nations, including of the Security Council, to make it more effective, transparent and accountable, and the reform of the World Trade Organisation, as well as strengthening collaboration on global health issues, including pandemic preparedness and response. The Nordic Countries reiterated their support for India’s Permanent Membership of a reformed and expanded Security Council.

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