Global applause for Mangalyaan

The US, China and Australia were among the countries which congratulated India after Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft ‘Mangalyaan’ slipped into a smooth orbit around the Red Planet after almost an year-long voyage.
China hailed India’s successful Mars mission saying it was not only a proud achievement for the country and Asia but also a landmark progress in mankind’s exploration of outer space, in a rare acknowledgment of its Asian rival’s rising space prowess.
“We have seen the report and congratulate India on the Mars satellite entering the orbit successfully,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a media briefing here. “This is pride of India and pride of Asia and also is a landmark progress in humankind’s exploration of outer space. So we congratulate India on that,” she said.
Responding to a question on whether China sees any room to work with India on space exploration in future, she said, “China always maintained peaceful development of outer space and carry out cooperation in this regard. We are willing to work with the world to peacefully develop and explore the outer space and make contribution to the sustainable development and long term peace of the outer space,” Hua said.
The US too congratulated India for entering into the elite group of space-faring nations after the successful insertion of MOM into the planet’s orbit.
“The US Embassy congratulates India and the Isro on its Mars Orbiter Mission. India is in an elite group of space-faring nations by achieving insertion into Mars orbit,” a statement from the US embassy here said.

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