Migrants prefer Pune over Mumbai

More and more migrants are picking Pune over Mumbai. A report titled Migration and its Impact on Cities, by the World Economic Forum, reveals that Pune has now emerged as a counter magnet of Mumbai, which is considered overcrowded and expensive.

Pune, meanwhile, scores high in education, job opportunities, health care services, realty investments and overall quality of life. The report revealed that in the last 25 years, the influx of internal migrants to Pune has risen steeply, predominantly due to job opportunities created by the booming information technology (IT) industry .

“Pune encourages migrants to take advantage of employment opportunities to the same extent as it does the native population. According to the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Pune has been the largest hub for German companies over the last 60 years, as over 200 of them have set up business there,“ the report said.

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