SC Frowns On Bengal for Opposing Aadhaar

The Supreme Court frowned on the Bengal government's plea against the Central Aadhar Act, wondering what would happen if the Centre were to challenge state laws, and instead asked the chief minister to file a petition in person raising her grievances if any against the law.

“How can a state file such a plea? In a federal structure, how can a state government file a plea challenging Parliament's mandate?“ a bench comprising justices AK Sikri and Ashok Bhushan, observed.

“We know it is a matter which needs consideration. Tomorrow if the Centre starts challenging the laws passed by the state where will it lead to? Let Mamata Banerjee come and file a petition as an individual. We will entertain it,“ Justice Sikri told Bengal lawyer Kapil Sibal.

The Bengal government had challenged the law on the ground that linking it with social welfare benefits would deprive huge sections of the poor and the weak of their entitlements under a host of schemes such as MNREGA and PDS food rations.

Just a few days ago, the CM had openly declared that she would not link her mobile phone with Aadhar even if her connection were to be snapped. She had also slammed the unique identification scheme as authoritarian and intrusive.

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