GatiShakti to Give Impetus to 21st Century India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the GatiShakti programme aimed at holistic governance through multi-modal connectivity between ministries and the Centre and state governments on development projects to ensure speedy completion by reducing red tape, lowering logistic costs and stop departments from working in silos.

Inaugurating the ambitious national master plan, Modi said, “With the whole-of-government approach, the collective power of the government will be channeled into fulfilling projects.”

He asserted that the government is laying the foundation for atmanirbharta (self-reliance) in the next 25 years. The aim of his dispensation is not just to complete various development projects on time but to do so ahead of the set deadline.

“This Masterplan will give impetus (Gati Shakti) to 21st century India,” the Prime Minister said.

The masses, Indian industry, business, manufacturers and farmers are at the center of this campaign, Modi said, adding that it will give new energy to the present and future generations of India.

He lamented that government projects have till now failed to impress the people with the general belief being that it would be of bad quality, there would be a lot of red tape, delays, and marked by an apathy and disrespect for the taxpayers’ money due to the “chalta hai” attitude.

“The signage “work in progress” at any project site symbolizes a lack of trust,” the Prime Minister said, adding that progress requires speed, eagerness and collective efforts. Today’s, 21st century India, he said, is leaving behind old systems and practices.

“The mantra today is - ‘Work for Progress’, Wealth for Progress, Plan for progress and Preference for progress. We have not only developed a work culture of completing the projects within the stipulated time frame but efforts are now being made to complete the projects ahead of time,” he said.

Most political parties have not given due priority to infrastructure development, the Prime Minister said. “This is not even visible in their manifesto. Now the situation has come that some political parties have started criticizing the construction of necessary infrastructure in the country,” Modi said.

This is despite the fact that it is globally accepted that the creation of quality infrastructure for Sustainable Development is a proven way, which gives rise to many economic activities and creates employment on a large scale, the Prime Minister pointed out.

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