Mumbai: Diesel price now over ₹100/litre

Mumbai is the only metro with the dubious distinction of diesel price breaching the Rs100-mark on Saturday, with the fuel retailing at Rs100.29/litre at pumps. Diesel was hiked by Rs34/litre in one-and-a-half years. Petrol was hiked here to an all-time high of Rs109.83/litre.

Since January, diesel rates in Mumbai have risen by Rs20/litre as retailers passed on the impact of rising crude price and a weakening rupee. The hike was around Rs3 in the last 10 days alone.

The price of diesel in Jaipur is Rs101.94, followed by Hyderabad (Rs100.89), Bhubaneswar (Rs100.85), Mumbai (Rs100.29), Chennai (Rs97.03), Kolkata (Rs95.58) and New Delhi (Rs92.47) on Saturday.

The price of petrol and diesel in Thane and Navi Mumbai was Rs109.97 and Rs100.42.

Transporters fear diesel going over Rs100 will impact the economy, and will lead to a rise in cost of transportation and prices of essentials, like vegetables and fruits. Small transporters are on the verge of shutting shop across the state, associations said.

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