China's state media call Sushma a liar

Chinese state media's attack on India grew shriller as it accused foreign minister Sushma Swaraj of “lying“ in Parliament about the Doklam standoff and the international support India was receiving in the dispute.

“She was lying to Parliament,“ Beijing-based `Global Times', a newspaper published in English as well as Chinese, said in an editorial. The Chinese version of the paper described Swaraj as a “female foreign minister“ to suggest this would make India less strong-willed in case of a military conflict. The description was changed in the online English version.

Writing on a day the Chinese foreign ministry did not hold its regular briefing, the paper said, “If Indian troops continue trespassing into China's territory , what Beijing may do next is to get prepared for a military confrontation against New Delhi and resolve the conflict through non diplomatic means.“

The paper added that China would not accept Swaraj's suggestion that both countries withdraw troops--as against Beijing's demand that only India do so -before talks to resolve the dispute.

“Doklam is Chinese territory. The withdrawal of Indian troops must be a precondition for talks, and China will not compromise on this stance,“ it said.

Beijing's official claim that China is a victim of India's aggression has not gone down well with Communist Party hardliners, who are pressuring the government to push out the “invaders“. “China cannot afford to lose an inch of territory . This is the sacred wish and request of the Chinese people,“ the `Global Times' said.

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